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"His best playing came in the Ginastera. From beneath the Sonata's hard surfaces, Mr. Cáceres Danielsen drew up all the underlying influences of the street. These are energies most performers try to discipline. Here they gave Ginastera's dourness a new amiability."

The New York Times

"...first class piano technique...a star whose playing is exciting."

The Washington Post

"...fiery flair for Latin rhythms and coloration."

The Miami Herald

" a blast of dynamite. This was the most exciting, compelling, grab-em-by-the-throat "Appassionata" in my experience. The rest of the program revealed a consistently interesting musicality, a sense of what the music is about at its core, even when his technique wasn't tested."

San Antonio Express News

"Cáceres Danielsen's playing was smooth, hot and strong, the musical equivalent of a Havana cigar and a cup of Cuban coffee. Malagueña, which he fiercely raged through, bounding at the keys and stamping at the stage floor, brought one of the loudest cheers of the recital from the audience."

Kalamazoo Gazette

"The evening's spotlight shone brightest on Cáceres Danielsen, who chose the brilliant and witty G Major Concerto of Maurice Ravel... Cáceres Danielsen displayed aplomb and control, always keeping the instrument reined in. It would be hard to imagine a more successful realization of this work than that we heard from Cáceres Danielsen. All in all, Cáceres Danielsen stole the show."

The San Juan Star

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Portrait of José Cáceres Danielsen
by Teresa D'Esopo Spinner, 2015

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